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What is Suboxone?

It is a narcotic medication that is used to treat those who are addicted to opiates. This medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine treats dependence upon opiates, while naloxone treats opiate overdose.
For what purpose is Suboxone used?
Suboxone® is used to treat those who are addicted to an opioid. These drugs include heroin, oxycodone, morphine, Codeine®, Vicodin®, and Dilaudid®. It’s been found to be effective in treating such addictions in outpatient situations, as well as at inpatient treatment facilities.

How may someone with opioid dependence be treated with Suboxone?
Suboxone® is the first such drug to be designated for the outpatient treatment of those addicted to opioids. Qualified Los Angeles pain management physicians may acquire a waiver to offer Suboxone® outpatient detox treatment after completing a registration process as described under the Narcotic Addict Treatment Act. Other regulations and laws allow doctors to give out or prescribe Suboxone® for outpatient treatment. Dr. Graf is a certified Los Angeles Suboxone® doctor.

How does Suboxone® work?
Suboxone® is composed of buprenorphine and naloxone. These are the active ingredients that are focused on breaking opioid dependence. Suboxone® is used to combat addictions to various opiates, including heroin.

How does buprenorphine work?
This is an opioid that is unique due to the fact that it is a chemical substance that’s able to become a receptor in order to create a partial pharmacological response that allows one to no longer crave other opioids.


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The opioid may be ingested in tablet, film, or liquid forms and may be chewed, dissolved or injected. What is the most effective way to facilitate relief when using Suboxone®? Dissolving Suboxone® film under one’s tongue is the best way to receive the full effect of this detox treatment.
In order to begin Suboxone® outpatient detox treatment, you will have to be in a state of withdrawal that would be considered moderate. This will allow the doctor to give you your first dose of Suboxone®. You’ll then engage in follow up appointments and be closely monitored.
Your doctor may also recommend that you engage in psychosocial support and get counseling.
Side effects vary from person to person. These may include: . Coordination difficulties . Dependency or abuse . Liver problems . Allergic reaction . Decrease in blood pressure . Dizziness . Sleepiness . Nausea . Vomiting . Drug withdrawal syndrome . Headache . Sweating . Numb mouth . Constipation . Painful tongue . Extreme redness inside your mouth . Intoxication . Disturbance in attention . Palpitations . Insomnia . Blurred vision . Back pain . Fainting If you experience side effects, contact your doctor.
Yes, this can occur. Symptoms may include: . Shaking . Extreme sweating . Feeling abnormally hot or cold . An ongoing runny nose . Habitual watery eyes . Goosebumps . Diarrhea . Vomiting . Muscle aches Contact your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.
This varies quite a bit, but it may be as short as a week or two or as long as 90 days.
If properly administered and monitored, yes it is. It is important to report any problems associated with the drug, including those related to side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and addiction. Working with a qualified physician and seeking support services are instrumental in successfully completing your Suboxone®.outpatient detox treatment.
Overall, Suboxone® will make the process of overcoming an addiction to an opiate, such as heroin, easier. It dissuades those who are addicted to opiates from using them because in doing so when taking Suboxone® various unpleasant symptoms will occur. Plus, it reduces drug cravings that often accompany withdrawal, and, throughout the process, it helps to make patients more comfortable. Studies have shown that those who take Suboxone® for 12 weeks were significantly more likely to abstain from taking opioids than those who were prescribed the drug for a two-week period.
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